Success Stories

“I never knew volunteering could be fun, I always thought it was all about labouring in the sun. But volunteering with Socially Africa for Art for A Cause has changed my perspective and I look forward to more volunteer opportunities.”

Oladayo Olajide, Dedicated Volunteer

“I always thought I needed to be wealthy in order to be of importance to my immediate community, I am glad I volunteered with Socially Africa for Girl code Africa. As a programmer I am glad to offer my skills and knowledge to these students at no cost, this is a wonderful initiative.”

Mayowa SamsonTrainer

“Art for a Cause has become like a gathering of family in recent times, since I started volunteering with the Amber Circle (I’m a consistent volunteer) I have made friends and even some business leads. I love that everyone comes prepared to paint, work and have fun with the children. This has been my best volunteer experience ever.”

Damilola OshifoworaVeteran Volunteer


“I deem myself an artist now since I have painted so many sketches in over 4 schools, truth be told painting is therapeutic and relaxing, but all this pales in comparison to the fulfilment of knowing I am part of the reason behind a fellow humans joy.”

Seun AleshinloyeDedicated Volunteer

"We are amazed at the total transformation of our school wall within a few hours, even more worthy of note is that the children feel a sense of ownership as they were part of process through the palm painting exercise. God bless your team. ”

Mrs BanjoHead Teacher, Ijero Baptist Primary School.

“On behalf of the students, teachers and parents I say thank you to Socially Africa for adding bright colours to our environment and inspiring our students to express themselves creatively.”

Mr Oyelere, Head Teacher, National Primary School.


“Our children look forward to school every day because they now associate beauty with the school, they brag about their school to their peers within the community. Truly they earned bragging rights as the first school to have graffiti art on the school walls.”

Mrs AdefemiChairperson Parent Teachers Association, Akinbaye Primary School.