Our Vision

Promoting A Habit Of Giving


At Socially Africa, Our goal is to build a generation of leaders and problem solvers, that transcends entrepreneurship and professional success. We want to create and nurture a culture of giving among our communities, because we understand that this is OUR world, not his, hers, or theirs. Rather than spend time blaming the government, we want to create positive changes in our communities. 

We believe that giving doesn't always have to be financial, and that everyone has something to give - Time, Effort, Love, Money, Knowledge. Through personal contributions and crowdfunding, we execute impactful projects that extend beyond donating to people in need. We take time out to be fully involved in the giving process - spending time with the people to whom we are giving. 


Socially Africa is more than a platform, it is home to every person who wants to see a better world. Every person who wants to spread love, and share their time with people who appreciate it, but don't know how. Every person who wants to leave the world knowing that they gave back in their own way. 

Our Socially Africa team is made up of Young people with a passion for community development. We are all about building people, and developing projects that are sustainable. We want to serve as inspiration to the next generation watching what we do, and how we impact our world, beyond chasing the next job, or working to feed our families. We are the generation that will set off positive chain reactions to motivate and inspire our generation and those after us. 


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Adaora Mbelu
Founder, Socially Africa