Love Box

Spreading Smiles and Love One Box at a Time 


Love Box is Growing Love, Lending a Helping Hand and Showing Care. 


Love Box is a periodic project focused on strengthening the virtues on which society stands, virtues that are fast decaying. Love Box is growing love, lending a helping hand and showing care. It is us as individuals rejuvenating and working in the capacity of our humanity to build hope. It goes beyond the privilege of giving from a hand full, it is our honest thoughts and good wishes fluttering in a box to a stranger unknown but needful of it.

Throughout the year, including the Christmas season, we give out gifts wrapped in a box to random people everywhere. From the Hawkers on the street, LAWMA workers cleaning the streets, Paralympians, to Bricklayers, Mechanics, Fuel Attendants, Security guards on the duty, Little kids, Shoe Makers, and more.


Love Box launched in 2016, and since then we have given over 2000 boxes to people in need. This project has tremendously impacted lives - theirs and ours. 

Our goal in 2019 is to join forces with corporate organizations, and crowd fund to give out 5,000 love boxes.