Love Box 2016 - Spreading Love, One Box At A Time

We rounded off the year with this project – Love Box -aimed at strengthening the virtues society stands on, empathy and love expressed through giving.Considering the recent struggles of our society and the fact that everyone needs help, we set out to give a 1000 gifted boxes to 1000 people in need of them. With this in mind, we launched a campaign online via our various social media platforms and offline through family and friends. Through this campaign, we were able to raise funds through people within and without our network.

On the 20th of December, our team set out to give out the boxes. We split into two groups; one group navigated from surulere to shomolu to yaba to Oyingbo to costain. The second group moved through the National stadium and its environ down to Maryland. 

At the stadium, we met with a few of the awesome Paralympians. It was inspiring to know they played Table Tennis, lawn Tennis, basket Ball and Shotput daily albeit what the society terms a limitation. When we asked one thing they learnt from 2016, consistent effort, encouragement, perseverance and determination were common denominators. 

We met with street vendors. Mama Esther was one remarkable woman whose joy on receiving a box could not be contained. She sells roasted Yam and Boli and has been at the trade long enough to play a crucial role in supporting her family. 

We also met LAWMA workers who had been at it for 5-6 years. When we asked what they desired most for christmas in 2016, they asked for an appeal to the Government for an increase in their remuneration. Giving, when done right is Bliss. It is from the heart; a place of honesty with no strings attached. it is not about who or the what, it is about the desire to acknowledge, to appreciate, to bless, and at other times, for just no reason entirely. 

We were not certain about the different responses we would get from people before we set out. However, at the end of the day, we were beyond happy at the openess of people to receive.
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Adaora Mbelu