Sponsor a Project

If you’re looking to create various fundraising campaigns so your staff, different offices, or departments can all participate as a team, you can use our platform. We are happy to highlight who you are as a business and what you're doing to contribute positively to society. 100% of donations will go directly to fund your chosen project and we’ll prove it. When your project closes, you’ll receive a round up report from us. You can reach out to us via email info@sociallyafrica.com


Donate A Love Box

You can donate a Love Box or 2 or Three and we will distribute it during our outreach.. Reach out to us via email - info@sociallyafrica.com. 

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Paint A School Art For A Cause

Every 2 months, together with a team of artists, we visit 2 public schools and paint educational artwork on their walls. In addition we spend time with the kids, Conduct a spelling bee, Teach the importance of Nutrition and Exercise, as well as give out merchandise, books, bags, crayons and drawing books to the kids. You can be sponsor an edition of Art For A Cause.


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Join Our Team

We are excited about building Socially Africa not by ourselves, but together with everyone who wants to be a part of our journey. We promise to take on as many causes as we possibly can accomplish. 

Because of our collective effort, many people will have opportunities that they never imagined. People will feel love like they haven't before. People will think differently and be more tolerant to their neighbors. 

Above all, people will learn to show honest love.

Would you like to be a part of the team? Send us an email at: info@sociallyafrica.com

Partner On The Zawadi Project

The Zawadi Project (Zawadi means Gift) is a platform that brings creative people together to give back, using Music and Art as the driving force. Every quarter we will have 10 artists (Music/Arts) come together to create beautiful work to raise awareness and contribute to a social cause. 

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