Nurturing a Culture of Giving and Sharing in our community

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Building a Generation of Leaders and Problem Solvers

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The Zawadi Project

The Zawadi Project (Zawadi means Gift) is a platform that brings creative people together to give back, using Music and Art as the driving force.

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Art For A Cause

Art For A Cause is a community development platform to inspire and educate the public using Art as the primary medium of expression.

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Love Box

This project is focused on strengthening the virtues in which society stands upon, virtues that are fast decaying. Love Box is growing love, lending a helping hand and showing care. 

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Girl Code Africa

The need to bridge the gender gap and encourage more women into STEM gave birth to this project. Girl Code Africa is a free summer programming class for girls.

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Annual Report

Catalysts for Positive Change

At Socially Africa, Transparency with our projects is important to us, and thus we capture our activities and make videos available for public viewing. ALL funds raised go towards the execution of our causes. 

Socially Africa is more than a platform, it is home to every person who wants to see a better world. Every person who wants to do more than be a capitalist. Every person who wants to spread love, and share their time with people who appreciate it, but don't know how. Every person who wants to leave the world knowing that they gave back in their own way. 

We are not just an NGO. We are not a Group. We are catalysts for positive change.